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Leicester jugglers are on an extended break

The shop is shut, move along now.

Leicester Jugglers (LJ) tagged along with the Leicester University Circus Society (LUCS) for very many years, essentially the two entities were one and the same thing. But that’s all over now.

Toward the end of the 2012 summer term there was a query about the credibility of our status as a student society – a reasonably well-founded query as it happens – and as a result I was unable to secure any more room bookings in our fabulous venue, the Fraser Noble Hall.

Therefore we find ourselves stateless at the moment. LJ will continue to exist to support juggling and the circus arts; to promote and oversee the production of Lestival, the Leicester Circus Festival; and to provide help, support, and equipment to to those who request it. And in the longer term we will probably find ourselves at some new venue with a brand new cohort of wonder-filled young jugglers.

Do you want to run Leicester Jugglers?

We still possess a great deal of equipment and there is a healthy bank balance, used at the moment to promote Lestival. What we lack is new jugglers, and someone to get off their backside, find a venue, and start it all up again. If you are the person to make it happen, then we can help you – it won’t be a free lunch and you’ll need to show some solid commitment, but if you’re that person then together we can make it happen.

Mail if you think you can do it.

In the meantime, juggle on, and I’ll see you at a convention somewhere or other.

 Jay Linn.